Contact Information

The Barton Center for Diabetes Education, Inc. (Directions)
30 Ennis Road
PO Box 356
North Oxford, MA 01537-0356

Phone: 508-987-2056
Fax: 508-987-2002

Year-Round Staff Directory

Judy Dennis – Health Services/Care Coordinator 
Lynn Butler-Dinunno – Executive Director x2004
Lauren Hill – Camp, Events, and Finance Assistant x2000
Donna Joly – A.P., Rental and Museum Manager x2006
Brent Kalette – Camps and Program Director x2008
Ashley Napear – Health Services Director x2010
Noah Osborne – Assistant Camps and Program Director x2003
Carolyn Rafieymehr – Marketing and Public Relations Manager x2005
Abby Shute – Project Advisor/Environmental Scientist x2014
Kara Smith – Health Services/Education Assistant
Sadie Vivenzio – Associate Director and Director of Finance x2007

Request Information:

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