Dear Camp Families,

While we are excited more than we can express to have campers on site this year, we are still facing challenges that we share with most businesses today – staff shortages! We find ourselves in the unusual predicament of being able to staff only one camp. Given that the North Oxford campus has more cabins, more bathrooms, etc. all campers will sleep at Clara Barton Camp. Cabins will be designated to separate Camp Joslin and Clara Barton Camp participants.

While we are sure the Camp Joslin campers will be disappointed, we assure them that their history and traditions will not be lost. At least one full day per week, they will board a bus for Camp Joslin Day! Traditions at night will still occur, and we will transport for those activities as well. Additionally, separate cabins may make additional trips to Camp Joslin during the day for activities, including rounds of golf on the newly constructed miniature golf course.

This is not ideal; however, it is necessary to run a safe camp for staff and campers. We hope that by the 2023 summer, staffing shortages across the country will be better.

Please feel free to reach out with any concerns or additional questions.

The Barton Center Staff