Exciting New Campaign–You Can Support Camp Without Spending $$!

It’s been a difficult year for everyone. We’re so thankful for all your support! Many have asked how they can help. From November 9th to December 8th you can support The Barton Center, and the best part is that we are not asking for money, just your time. By sparing just 75 minutes of your time spread over the course of the next month, you have the opportunity to generate $150 for Barton programs. You can sign up in about a minute. Then pick a company from 1,500+ options and share your opinion. Each opinion you share creates $2 for Barton, and you can share up to 75 opinions. It’s that easy!

Click here to sign up and be sure to choose Barton as your camp to support. Please share the link with family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers as there is no limit to the number of participants who can support Barton!