Programs Calendar

2014-2015 Programs Calendar

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Summer: Clara Barton CampCamp Joslin, Family Camp, Adventure Programs, Counselors-In-Training Program, Day Camps  

FALL, WINTER, SPRING PROGRAMS: Family Programs, Weekend Programs 
Please click here for the Fall, Winter, Spring Brochure/Registration Form.  You may sign up by printing out the Brochure/Registration Form, filling it out and mailing it in.  Online registration for 2014-2015 Fall, Winter, Spring programs should be available sometime in October.

2014-2015 Programs  Dates Ages
Clara Barton Camp - Three-Week Sessions (Sunday-Friday)
Session 1TW 6/29/14--7/18/14 Girls, ages 6-16
Clara Barton Camp - Two-Week Sessions (Sunday-Friday)
Session 2 7/6/14--7/18/14 Girls, ages 6-16
Session 3 7/20/14--8/1/14 Girls, ages 6-16
Session 4 8/3/14--8/15/14 Girls, ages 6-16
Clara Barton Camp - One-Week Sessions (Sunday-Friday)
Session 1 (WACkY)*  see below for description 6/29/14--7/4/14 Girls, ages 6-16
Session 4a 8/3/14--8/8/14 Girls, ages 6-16
Session 4b 8/10/14--8/15/14 Girls, ages 6-16
Barton Family Camp
Sunday - Thursday 8/17/14--8/21/14 Coed, all ages
Adventure Programs
Northeast Adventure (Limit 10 campers) 6/28/14--7/10/14 Coed, ages 13-18
Delaware River Adventure (Limit 10 campers) 7/12/14--7/17/14 Coed, ages 13-18
Clara Barton Camp Session A 6/28/14--7/25/14 Girls, ages 16
Clara Barton Camp Session B 7/26/14--8/22/14 Girls, ages 16
Camp Joslin Session A 6/28/14--7/25/14 Boys, ages 16
Camp Joslin Session B 7/26/14--8/22/14 Boys, ages 16
Camp Joslin Three-Week Session (Sunday-Friday)
Session 1TW 6/29/14--7/18/14 Boys, ages 6-16
Camp Joslin Two-Week Sessions (Sunday-Friday)
Session 2 7/6/14--7/18/14 Boys, ages 6-16
Session 3 7/20/14--8/1/14 Boys, ages 6-16
Session 4 8/3/14--8/15/14 Boys, ages 6-16
Camp Joslin One-Week Sessions (Sunday-Friday)
Session 1 (WACkY) *see below for description 6/29/14--7/4/14 Boys, ages 6-16
Session 4a 8/3/14--8/8/14 Boys, ages 6-16
Session 4b 8/10/14--8/15/14 Boys, ages 6-16
Barton Day Camps (Monday - Friday) 
Greenwich: The Rainbow Club 6/30/14--7/4/14 Coed, ages 3-15
Boston: Mass College of Pharmacy 7/7/14--7/11/14 Coed, ages 6-12
Worcester: Clara Barton Camp, North Oxford, MA 7/14/14--7/18/14 Coed, ages 6-12
Western New England Day Camp: Northampton, MA--CANCELED 7/21/14--7/25/14 Coed, ages 6-12
New York City: Mt. Sinai/Barton Day Camp 7/28/14--8/1/14 Coed, ages 6-12
Long Island:Old Westbury, NY (Session 1) 8/4/14--8/8/14 Coed, ages 6-12
Long Island:Old Westbury, NY (Session 2) 8/11/14--8/15/14 Coed, ages 6-12
Weekend Programs
Teen Adventure Weekend October 17-19, 2014 Coed, ages 13-17
November WACkY Weekend November 7-9, 2014 Coed, ages 6-16
Winter Camp December 27-30, 2014 Coed, ages 13-17
February WACkY Weekend February 13-15, 2015 Coed, ages 6-16
Family Programs
Springtime Family Camp March 20-22, 2015 Coed, all ages
Barton Open House April 19, 2015 Coed, all ages
Caregivers Weekend April 17-19, 2015 Coed, all ages

*Summer WACkY sessions--campers can bring a sibling or a friend who does not have diabetes with them to camp during these sessions. The friend or sibling will also pay a camp fee of $710 plus registration for the one-week session. No financial aid is available for WACkY sessions for siblings or friends without diabetes.